6 Steps to Selling your Home Privately

6 steps to Selling your Home Privately

6 Steps to Selling your Home Privately


Here's 6 Steps to Selling your Home Privately in Australia. Firstly, well done for taking the first step to joining the Thousands of home owners each year who choose to Sell their Home Privately!

The 'Sell your own Home' or 'For Sale By Owner' industry in Australia has taken off in recent years. Australia has finally caught up to the rest of the world in terms of property owners choosing to Sell their own properties.

Home owners in the United States, the United Kingdom & the rest of Europe have been using this method of sale for years!


Lets walk you through the 6 important steps below to help get you started:





6 Steps to Selling your Home Privately:



How to Sell your own Home

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Step 1: Research your local market


When Selling your Home Privately, its vital to be upto date with the going market prices for comparable homes in your area. To do this, simply go to the 'SOLD' section of realestate.com.au & see what similar properties are selling for in your area.

You can visit the SOLD section of realestate.com.au by clicking this link & inserting your property suburb.





Step 2: Get your Home ready for Sale

Step 2: Get your Home ready for Sale

Selling your Home privately will no doubt save you thousands of dollars. So invest some of those savings into prepping your Home ready for sale. Give your home a tidy up, fix holes in the walls, change some light fittings and cupboard handles. Do the little things that will make a big difference.

To assist you further with this, read our article on 40 tips for Selling your own Home





Sell my property privately


Step 3: Get your contracts prepared by Solicitors

It's usually good practice to have some blank property contracts drawn up before you start showing buyers through the property. To our friends in NSW, this is a non-negotiable obligation that must be met before your property can go on the Market.

In most states this is not mandatory, however it's best to check with your state legislator before getting started.





sell my own property

Step 4: Choosing an Advertising package that suits you 


The great thing about todays day and age, is that MOST buyers are looking online! - So it's absolutely crucial when you're looking to Sell your Home Privately, that you have your property listed where all the buyers are looking.  Websites like realestate.com.au or domain.com.au have done an Amazing job at capturing the eyes of almost all of the buyers in Australia.

You'll find that the overwhelming majority of your property enquiries will come just from these 2 websites.  Our Sale By Home Owner service also offers a number of other advertising options such as Photo signs, Open Home signs, Open Home flags & Facebook marketing.

You can view our available Packages below:


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Sell your own home Privately - Sell without agents

Step 5: Buyer inspections, Open Homes & Negotiating with buyers

When you Selling your home Privately with Sale By Home Owner, you have the option to do your own Open Homes. These can be easily be added via our website by logging into your account via our website 24/7.

If you'd prefer, you can also just do inspection 'by appointment' (as all Real Estate agents do).  Simply respond to your buyers phone or email enquiry and arrange a day and time for them to come and inspect the property.

When a buyer is interested in the Home, you can ask them to fill out a Letter of offer form. Once you both agree on a price, simply fill out a contract and submit it to your solicitors for processing.




Settlement of your home privately

Step 6: Settlement of the Property

The final Step! - You've made it this far, nice work!

When you're Selling your Home Privately, during the negotiating of the property, you both agree on a Settlement or handover date for the property.

Most Settlement dates are usually between 30 to 60 days, however some can go longer if agreed by both parties. Normally your solicitor or conveyancer will handle settlement of the property for you.

After Settlement, you hand over your keys and the new buyer will take possession of the property. You can now kick back, crack some champagne & enjoy the additional $10,000 - $20,000 you've EARNED by Selling your Home Privately!!



Final step: sell my own home successfully

Average cost of using a Real Estate Agent to Sell a $500,000 Property - $16,500 commission + $3,000 Marketing *
TOTAL: $19,500
Average cost of using SaleByHomeOwner.com.au to Sell a $500,000 Property - $595.00 (Platinum Package)*
TOTAL: $679.00
on the cost of Selling your Home
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