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Real Estate NSW Sell My House

Sell My House in NSW | Real Estate NSW

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Can I privately sell my house in NSW? - Yes, It is completely legal to sell your own House in NSW.


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Sell My House NSW: Real Estate NSW - Step 1 Preparing the property contracts for sale

Step 1: Getting your contracts prepared for real estate NSW:

Before commencing marketing, the first step to selling a property in NSW is having a contract of sale prepared. In NSW you must have this done before you commence marketing or doing buyer inspections.

It's always good to have a spare contract near-by during buyer inspections, and the need to have a contract prior to marketing applies to all properties in NSW (excluding rural properties)


Step 2 determine your property value SOLD section

Step 2: Setting your list price for real estate NSW

The next step for selling your property in NSW is to set a list price. Its important to research the Sold Homes in your area before putting a list price on your property. See below some good advice for determining your properties list price.


To research your price, you can:

Research similar sold properties and for sale properties online, e.g. at

Or, Get a valuation completed from an independent property Valuer.





Step 3 Preparing your Property for an Open Home in Victoria

Step 3: Sell My House in NSW | Conducing open homes or private inspections

Now is time to arrange buyer inspections. When buyers contact you to view the property, or alternatively conduct your own open homes for an hour or so on the weekends.


Sell My House NSW: Real Estate NSW - step 4 Receiving the buyers offer

Step 4: Receiving a buyers offer in NSW

The next step in selling a property in NSW is for both you, and the buyer to sign the contract of sale. You should sign your copy, and give it is to the buyer to sign also. Both the buyer and seller will need a copy of the contract.



Step 5 The Cooling off period for property

Step 5: The Cooling Off  period for real estate NSW:

The cooling off period starts after the contract has been negotiated and signed by both parties. In NSW, the cooling off period is 5 business days. During this time, the buyer can cancel the sale. If the buyer cancels the sale in this period, they’ll have to forfeit 0.25% of the purchase price.



Step 6 Settlement of property in Real Estate

Step 6: Settle on the Property

When the contract has gone unconditional, all you will need to do now is to wait for the settlement date. Settlement is generally anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks after the contract has been signed. 

You can create your For Sale, or For Rent listing below. For additional information or to learn more about Real Estate For Sale By Owner - Contact our 'Sale By Home Owner' customer support team via email here or phone 1300 609 392.



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