SELL MY HOUSE | A Helpful Illustrated Guide to Sell My House in Australia


A Helpful Illustrated Guide to Sell My House in Australia:

Selling your house Privately will most likely be one of the most important financial moves you will make in your life. Not surprisingly, the process to Sell your own Home can seem like daunting process with a long list of to-dos. However, you don't need to be technology savvy to Sell your own Home via the 'For Sale By Owner' method.

The 'Sell My House' process is actually quite simple, it's just a matter of doing a bit of homework. The first step to Sell your own Home is to search for the recent Sale prices of homes in your area. This should only take about half an hour as all the information you need is in the Sold section on

Most importantly, Selling your House privately in Australia is legal, very easy, & it will save you thousands of dollars in Agents commission & expensive advertising fees. Owners who choose to do a For Sale By Owner sale can expect to save potentially tens of thousands of dollars.


Here's some Helpful links to get you started:

Sell My House Privately

Sell my place

Sell My House: A Helpful guide to Selling your own House

Average cost of using a Real Estate Agent to Sell a $500,000 Property - $16,500 commission + $3,000 Marketing *
TOTAL: $19,500
Average cost of using to Sell a $500,000 Property - $595.00 (Platinum Package)*
TOTAL: $679.00
on the cost of Selling your Home


What are the Benefits if you Sell your own Home:

  1. Obviously the best part, You pay NO commission when you Sell your own Home.

  2. Save thousands, possibly even tens of thousands of dollars in Agents commission and expensive advertising fees.

  3. You'll be in full control of the sale & there's lock in contracts.

  4. You deal directly with the buyers yourself when you Sell your own Home.

  5. Most Buyers prefer to deal directly with For Sale By Owner properties, as they know they're getting accurate information direct from the property owner.

  6. You can sell your home fast, without working to the agent’s schedule.

  7. You make all the decisions yourself – you're not restricted to what the agent demands.

  8. There's no Agent pressure on you to take offers When you Sell your own Home.

  9. You can hold your own Open Homes & viewings whenever you like, for as long as you like.



How can I find a buyer to buy my house?

So you've seen the light and decided to sell your house online. The good news is, it's a lot easier than you may think. We've put together list of tasks below to help easily walk you through the process of finding a buyer for your house online.



A Helpful step-by-step guide to Sell your own House:


Step 1 determine an asking price for your house

Photo of is used for educational purposes only*

Step 1: Setting a realistic asking price to Sell My House:


When you choose to Sell your own Home, the key here is to do your research; go to the 'SOLD' section of & see what similar properties are selling for in your area. This is exactly what Real Estate agents do when they are determining an appropriate list price for your home.

You can visit the SOLD section of by clicking this link & inserting your property suburb.




Private house sales: step 2 Tidy up your house to Sell your own Property

Step 2: Give your house a tidy-up

If you’re selling your house privately then your time is money! By having your house tidied & ready to go (perhaps with a fresh lick of paint here and there), you’ll be making your house much more sellable… and a quick sale means no more having to spend your time showing people around! - If you do decide to paint before you Sell your own Home, only use neutral colour schemes, that light-coloured shade of green and purple that you love soo much, probably isn't going to appeal to the general population. Here's a link to the Bunnings website to help you pick out a nice theme sell your home.





Sell My House: Step 3: Start advertising to Sell My Home fast

Step 3: Start advertising your House


The great thing about todays day and age, is that MOST buyers are looking online! - So it's absolutely crucial when you're looking to Sell your own Home that you have your property listed where all the buyers are looking.

When Selling your Home in Australia, it is absolutely crucial to Advertise on and Advertise on Both websites have done an Amazing job at capturing the eyes of almost all of the buyers in Australia.

This is where the overwhelming majority of Real Estate agents get their buyers from. Our 'For Sale By Home Owner' service also offers a number of other advertising options such as Photo signs, Open Home signs, Open Home flags & Facebook marketing.


View some 'Sell My House' Packages below:


BASIC PACKAGE   - View here -

GOLD PACKAGE   - View here -

PLATINUM PACKAGE   - View here -

PHOTO SIGN PACKAGE   - View here -

ULTIMATE PACKAGE   - View here -






Step 4 Arranging buyers to view your House

Step 4: Arrange House viewings or Open Homes to Sell My House

This is pretty fool proof - Whenever a buyer calls or emails you, simply arrange a day and time that they buyer can come & have a look at the house.

When you Sell your own Home, during inspections, most buyers appreciate you letting them look around the house at their own pace. You'll be surprised to know that most inspections only take around 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish, its best to follow them up with a call or text message after they've left to gauge their interest.






step 5 negotiating with the house buyer

Step 5: Sell your own Home: Negotiating a price with the Buyer to Sell My House

The most important part when you're negotiating to Sell your own Home, is to decide how much you are willing to accept beforehand, and focus on not going below that figure.

Don’t worry too much if you have to turn down an offer; it’s really quite common, and so long as you do so in a friendly and cordial way then you will still be leaving the door open just in case the buyer decides to come back later with a revised offer.



step 6 signing the paperwork with the House buyer

Step 6: Accepting an offer

This will usually be done verbally in the first instance, but be sure to ask the buyer to send written confirmation via email or post. Most of our 'Sale By Home Owner' customers get the buyer to fill out or letter of offer form which can downloaded Free from our website. This is a great thing to have when your Sell your own Home.





Sell My House: step 7 Settlement of the property

Step 6: Settlement of your House or Property

The final Step! - Your Settlement date is determined between yourself and the buyer when you both enter into the contract. Most Settlement dates are usually between 30 to 60 days, however some can go longer if agreed by both parties. Normally your solicitor or conveyancer will handle settlement of the property for you.

After Settlement, you hand over your keys and the new buyer will take possession of the property.










Sell your own Home tip: Technology today, means most buyers are looking ONLINE!

The birth of the internet has made selling EVERYTHING easier and more profitable. The internet has enabled people to connect with one another in a way like never before. Once a Real Estate agent was essential for selling, but now its as simple as creating an ad & getting your property seen by buyers on Australia's &






When is the best time to Sell My House?

Should I Sell My House now, or Sell My House next year? Whens the best time?

The buyer Demand for property in Australia has undergone substantial growth and continues. If you're a Property owner looking at Private House Sales, you can potentially Sell your own Home, and Sell without agents in one or two days, especially in larger cities – without using real estate agents. More and more buyers are preferring to deal directly with For Sale By Owner properties. 


Useful tips to Sell My Home quickly


How can I Sell my Home quickly? Firstly, as a No Agent Property, you may miss out on a few tips that an agent will give when sprucing up the Home. Making it more attractive will absolutely speed up the sale and maximise your sale price. Here's a few quick tops to Sell your Home faster:

Sort out your Property street appeal:


When a buyer is looking to buy a new home, they will immediately garner an opinion of it when they arrive at the property. First impressions count! Improving your home’s “Street appeal” is an extremely effective way to speed up the process to sell your own property. It's important to take a look at your house from a buyers perspective.


As an absolute minimum, you should:

  1. Tidy up any walkway, garden area or driveway that you have out front and back of the property.
  2. Remove any old lawn furniture.
  3. De-clutter the inside of remove excess personal items  
  4. Hose down any brickwork to make it cleaner.
  5. Invest a small amount in some new decking or patio furniture to help demonstrate the potential of the home.
  6. Mow the front and back lawns

Things to look out for when Selling your own Home Privately


Are there any dangers or things to be wary of when I Sell my own Home?

Yes, theres a few minor things to look out for with Private House Sales. Firstly, be wary of anyone wanting to make offers or put a contract on your property without first viewing the property. This can potentially lead to legal disputes after settlement if they arrive at the property and see something that wasn't mentioned in the property advertising.


When I Sell my House Privately, can a buyer Buy my House without first viewing it?

Yes, although this isn't always advisable with Private House Sales. However, this is becoming more and more common thanks to iphones and technology. For example, if you live in Melbourne and a buyer has contacted you from Sydney after just selling their Sydney property. They may not have time to fly down to Melbourne to physically inspect your home. A good thing to do is to do a Facetime video call with the buyer from your iPhone or smart phone. You can give the buyer a guided tour of the Home and give you both peace of mind for the purchase.


If I Sell my House online, who handles the Private House Sale settlement?

When you Sell your own Property, or Sell Without Agents, you're still conducting a normal sale, the sale way any Real Estate Agent would. You simply contact a local solicitor or conveyancer and get them to handle the legal side of the property transfer for you.


How to Sell your own Home when the buyer isn't viewing the property first?

Be sure to contact your solicitor and conveyancer and get their advice before entering into any contract. There are some handy legal clauses that can be added into the special conditions on the contract that specifically deal with these sales. Here's some special conditions that you might find useful for your sale:




Sell your own Home

How to Sell your own Home


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