How to Sell your House Privately


Selling your home privately gives you control over the entire process. You get to take the driver’s seat for the sale and sell your Home Privately on your terms. Not only can this save a lot of frustration with agents, but it also extremely financially rewarding! - With more freedom and less pressure throughout the process everything from scheduling inspections with buyers to when you conduct your open homes, and to how you advertise your home is on your terms.


Obviously the greatest reward is you have the opportunity to earn thousands of
dollars in savings, which would have otherwise been given to Real Estate Agents in the form of commission.


Advertise exactly where all the agents find their buyers

The process of Selling your House privately in Australia has taken off in the last few years. Selling property traditionally via an agent will usually result in a 6 to 12 week marketing campaign, which usually consists of print-based advertising (newspapers), listing the property on major real estate websites and usually a few weekends worth of Open Homes.

The great thing about selling privately is you have access to the same advertising opportunities as traditional real estate agents do. The even better thing is, that you also have greater flexibility to decide what works best for you. You can work around your own schedule or time frame. If you aren't in a rush, then its great to not have an agent breathing down your neck asking you to drop your price each week.


With Sale By Home Owner, your property is still advertised on Australia’s major real estate websites.

You also have the freedom to sell your property according to your schedule. When it comes to Open for Inspections, you may choose to host an open home for 1 to 3 hours, rather than the traditional 20 or 30 minute open home that most agents do. This gives you a Huge advantage on Weekends, and gives more buyers the opportunity to view your Home.


how to sell your home privately

Why pay $25,000 to an agent when you can do the same thing for less than $700?

So you've decided to put your home on the market... You've spoken to multiple agents who have told you they have buyers waiting... They've told you the market is strong and that the house should sell quick...

Lets say you put the house on the market, it goes onto, a buyer see's it later that week, they inspect the property, make an offer and the property is now Sold...

Being conservative, that agent most likely spent 2 hours with you for the listing presentation, they then spent another 30 minutes writing the ad for the property, and probably around 1 hour meeting the buyer, taking their offer, negotiating the deal & getting it accepted...


Thats 3 hours and 30 minutes total work for a $25,000 pay check! - Which works out to be over $7,142 per hour! All for an ad that you could have written yourself and placed online & been seen by the exact same buyer on the exact same website...


Selling your home Privately is not only financially rewarding, it's just common sense...

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