Steps to Selling a Property


Here’s our helpful Steps to Selling a Property, to help guide you through the simple process of selling your home:

1. Be prepared

After making the decision to sell, it's recommended you “de-clutter, tidy up the garden and get the property as close to “open home ready” as possible.


preparing your property for sale

Make sure your house is prepared for Sale.

2. Choosing the right marketing package

You're in charge of finding the right marketing package that will suit your home and your budget. You can view available Options via the Marketing Package Page.


Choosing the right marketing campaign to sell your property

Getting the right campaign for your home will amplify your chances of selling for the highest possible price

3. Pick a sale method

Next you’ll decide how you want to sell.

Think about what you feel comfortable with, do you want to advertise with a price, or no price?

4. Set a selling realistic price

It’s important to price correctly, as the market can be extremely unforgiving with overpriced listings. You often only get one chance to make a first impression.

To set a price, you should do your research on local sales in your area.

That’s easy, with so many websites offering recent sale prices. Combining your knowledge with that of your agent’s current market analysis,will lead you to an accurate, realistic expectation.

The best way is to look at comparable properties on in and around streets near your home, within a similar distance to amenities.

5. Purchase your package and create your listing

Once you have selected your package on, simply create your listing and follow the video prompts to get your property listing prepared.

6. Prepare vendor’s statement

Depending on which state you're selling in, you may have to prepare the Vendor’s Statement (section 32) for your property.

A vendor’s statement – also known as a section 32 – explains to buyers the crucial things they should know before buying the property. They are prepared by a legal practitioner or conveyancer.

The statement covers things like whether a mortgage is held over the property, any covenants which would restrict what you can do with it, any easements to which the land is subject (drainage, rights of way, or power lines for example), council zoning and associated declarations.

7. Market your property

You certainly can’t sell a secret. If you want to ensure you’re getting the best result, you must advertise in the best areas – the number one is through the internet on sites like & Domain. Getting good photos is also very important. You can take these yourself with your smart phone, or you can hire a professional photographer.


8. Go to market

Will you be living there or marketing an empty property? It’s up to the you, but if you’ve got small children, it can be difficult to keep a house presented well for a three to four week marketing period, so some vendors move out completely. This is up to personal preference and whether or not you're able to do so.

9. Negotiate with the property buyer


Negotiating with the property buyer

Once you find a buyer, simply negotiate on price until you both reach a mutually acceptable price. This can be done in person, by phone, email or text messages. The buyer will then pay a deposit.

10. Under contract

Between you and the buyer. Simply work out the details of the sale to ensure both parties meet all legal and financial requirements.

11. Settle on the property

You're almost there. On settlement day,  you’ll relinquish the keys and legal rights to your property in exchange for the balance of payment from the buyer or their bank. Congratulations, you can break out the bottle of Champagne, as you've just Sold your Home without paying Real Estate commission!

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